WISE CIS 2015 Convention

The 2015 WISE CIS Convention will be held at the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow From September 35-25. CIS is a Scientology term that refers to a number of countries with Russian-speaking populations. They have provided a helpful seating chart of spots that are reserved, and this can be used to see how strong the major consultant groups are. These companies provide a variety of Scientology-based services, such as use of the OCA Personality Test in hiring, preparation of Org Boards, hats and posts, management by statistics, PTS/SP detection, Study Tech, Scientology Ethics and so on.

ATManagment (Admin Tech Management) – 94 seats
Visotsky Consulting – 75 seats
BusinessForward – 52 seats
Prodavay – 19 seats
Performia – 18 seats
General Partner – 18 seats
KRB – 16 seats
Practicum Group – 6 seats

The orange and white seats are unaffiliated or empty. Performia comes in fifth, but they are also the only one with affiliates outside the CIS region. We think they may be the largest WISE management company in the world.


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