Clearwater Academy’s Argi Radani – He Makes Things Go Right

This video from the 2015 graduation ceremony of Clearwater Academy is interesting because of the amount of Scientology’s special language that flows into an address by a departing football player. Argi Radani is a graduating senior, and led the school’s 8-man football team to a state championship.

Only in a Scientology school would somebody praise Study Tech, or say that they have the ability to communicate with anybody about anything. But the best quote comes at 5:12:

True success is being able to lead a group of people, and command a space with so much certainty that people around you have no choice but to become successful.

As he is inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame, the greatest tribute given to him is that “he makes things go right,” a phrase familiar to any Sea Org or Scientology staff member.


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