Help Wanted – Blue Streak Docs, Clearwater Florida

Human Resources Manager – Div One Position at Blue Streak Docs

We have an opening for a Human Resources Manager with the following roles and responsibilities:
Roles and Responsibilities
• Manages Reception and company communication lines
• Maintains the company organizing board
• Performs recruitment function in compliance with federal and local labor laws
o Employs the No Fail Hiring System
• Maintains employee records
• Maintains the employee orientation program
• Maintains organization policies and handbooks
• Enforces any justice actions including overseeing staff leaving the company
• Coordinates with management to ensure staff complete probationary requirements
• Handles any other tasks assigned

Qualifications and Education Requirements
• Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal.
• Strong leadership qualities
• MS Office skills / standard office technology
• Ability to build and maintain good / trust-based relationships with staff, management, peers and vendors; has a pleasant and friendly style
• Enjoys working with people and helping them reach their production potential
• Working knowledge of the No Fail Hiring System (Can learn via course)
• Works quickly with accurate results and an eye for detail
• Ability to manage conflict to resolution
• Strong work ethic / reliable.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Karin Taylor via email:


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