Tokyo Is The Next Ideal Org – August 8th

We reported yesterday that the Tokyo Ideal Org building appears ready to launch, and today we have more details. The org will have a grand opening ceremony on August 8th. It’s interesting that the promotional materials are in Chinese, not Japanese, and the contact emails are and This org will be run by Taiwanese Scientologists for some time to come.

The Ideal Org is located in the special ward of Shinjuku, an area of Tokyo known as a commercial and transportation center. The Shinjuku station is the busiest train station in the world. The nearby Kabukichō is the best known sex club, or red light district in Tokyo, while Shinjuku Ni-chōme is the city’s gay district. Below are several photos from Google, including some of workers on the renovation project.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Is The Next Ideal Org – August 8th

  1. As always, I hope it and all the other orgs stay empty. Emptier. Emptiest. It’s taking far too long for this church to crumble.


    • It’s hard to say how many are empty. We know they don’t take on debt. We know they don’t pay their staff very much. It’s hard to find a financial reason they can’t go on forever.


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