Is Tokyo The Next Ideal Org?

Is Tokyo the next Ideal Org to open? Until we saw this photo, we would have said “No.” However, the signs are in place on the side of the building, and it looks ready to go. The Tokyo Mission is tiny, and we have heard no chatter about Ideal Org fundraisers, so we believe this is another IAS-funded Ideal Org. If you know the address, please drop us a line at We expect to see a ribbon on the side of this building shortly.

One thought on “Is Tokyo The Next Ideal Org?

  1. COB will be crowing like barnyard rooster at sun up…Europe, South America, Asia…we’re not keeping close score at home, but didn’t we also add Australia this year? If he can pull off North America and Africa, he could claim every inhabited continent in 2015, correct? It certainly has the illusion of 47x…

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