All Clear Certainty Rundown Auditors Recalled To Flag

Regular readers know that we publish a column Minor Incidents on the Time Track, in which Scientologists who have achieved a new level or special recognition are featured. For the next three to six months we expect that Scientologists who attest to Clear will only be shown at Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.

We heard last week that all auditors worldwide who are certified to deliver the Clear Certainty Rundown had been recalled to Flag Land Base for retraining. Now we see that David Levitt (above) from Denver is one of many who are going back to Flag. The route to Clear has changed several times in Scientology history. In the 1970s many went Clear with “R3R,” a Dianetics procedure also called “Engram Running by Chain.” The status of Clear was confirmed with the DCSI (Dianetic Clear Special Intensive). In the 1980s this was abandoned and the CCRD (Clear Certainty Rundown) was introduced, and those who took the DCSI had their Clear status canceled, they had to go back to do the Grades, NED (New Era Dianetics) and if they attested to Clear, they did the CCRD.

In the 1990s the Golden Age of Tech was introduced, and the process was repeated, those who were Clear from CCRD had to start over with Grades, NED and the like. The same happened in 2012 with the introduction of Golden Age of Tech II, the Clear they had achieved with Golden Age of Tech I wasn’t valid any more and they had to start over. It was a big disruption for any Scientologist, but even more so for the auditors and case supervisors who had to go back to Flag multiple times to get retrained to deliver the new CCRD each time. Some orgs can’t afford to send their technical team to Florida for months of study. Flag charges the org for the training, and there are ordinary living expenses to consider. Some orgs go years without a certified CCRD Auditor or C/S, and public Scientologists in that city have no other choice than to go to the Advanced Org to go Clear. It’s more expensive that way, for the cost of auditing, for travel, and for temporary housing.

And now we have another round of re-training, because the CCRD they’ve been using since 2012 isn’t 100% standard. Who benefits from this cycle where people have to attest to Clear over and over? It boosts the stats and revenue of Flag Land Base, and to some extent the other Advanced Orgs at the expense of the Class V Orgs and public Scientologists. Keep an eye on Minor Incidents for new Clears and where they get their certificates.

3 thoughts on “All Clear Certainty Rundown Auditors Recalled To Flag

  1. Born clear…as clear as the wind blows
    As clear as the stream flows
    Born clear to follow my heart.

    It’s great. I didn’t pay for it. No need to borrow money to redo it every few years. Def don’t need no stinking certificate. I’m born clear.

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  2. i was one of the duped dopes who had my “clear” DCSI revoked…and wound up taking the next CCRD money grabbing non science. Again and again, paid for these “clear” gimmicks. Now I am out and free & clear of the crap.


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