Top 10 Posts In Sec Check

We intended to do this after 1,000 posts, but somehow we missed that milestone earlier this week. Here are the top 10 most visited posts in Sec Check history. Thank you to our readers and contributors.

10. Film Week Pro 2015 – Freewinds

This probably hit the list because we made a mistake in identifying one of the participants as the son of a famous actor.

9. Complete Rehabilitation Of Me As a Thetan And How I Work With The Body

Judy from Chicago has some interesting wins.

8. LRH Home – Bayhead

John Travolta was there.

7. New Year’s Eve Event at the Shrine Auditorium

6. Scientology Response In Nepal

Los Topos rescue team are fearless. If Scientology helped them get to Nepal, they should be congratulated.

5. Nation Of Islam Doing Scientology, Not Just Dianetics

4. Scientology’s IndieGoGo Campaign Raises No Money Whatsoever

Why didn’t even one Scientologist contribute?

3. Andrik Schapers Raising Money To Treat Cancer With Oxygenated Water

We wish him well with his recovery, but we don’t believe in the benefits of oxygenated water.

2. Floral Park High School Welcomes Scientology – Drug Free World

We would love to know what happened to put this post on the list. We suspect it went viral in the town of Floral Park, and Scientology might not be welcome to make a return visit.

1. 2015 Price Increases

A link from Mike Rinder’s blog sent this to number one. Thanks, Mike.

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