Community Learning Center Fundraiser – Clearwater, Florida

Scientologist Patrick Clouden (above) and friends held a fundraiser on July 16th at the Community Learning Center, an Applied Scholastics tutoring school in Clearwater, Florida. Below, Trish Duggan poses with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey. Duggan is the wife of billionaire Bob Duggan, the top Scientology donor in the world. The center held a fundraiser last month with players from the team, and Scientology plans to continue to grow their relationship with the National Football League.

We had an amazing briefing and fund raiser at CLC on July 16, 2015 celebrating the products of the partnership CLC has with We Believe in Me Foundation and resulting NFL comm lines as well as news about other huge lines that mean lots of good future for CLC activities.

Below, Holly Haggerty and Daniel Agami.

Above, Maria Ortenzio poses with the donations board, a common feature of Scientology fundraisers. Below, donor Joe Yazbeck.


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