Design Your Own Cover For The Way To Happiness

Scientology encourages its members to design and pay for customized copies of the booklet The Way to Happiness y L. Ron Hubbard. We see them in other countries, but in Russia it seems to be a common occurrence. These covers are paid for by companies in Russia, who proudly display their logo and contact information. The cover above is in Russian, but Prof Systems is actually a manufacturer of energy efficient doors and windows in Moldova. Below, Troyan200 is a distributor of window blinds in Krasnoyarsk, a city in Siberia.

We haven’t been able to locate the company that paid for the cover above, but we find the Moses theme combined with modern traffic unusual. Below, Valdai is a distributor of motor oil in Samara.

Above, Lactis distributes a product that allegedly cleans your bowels, located in St. Petersburg. Below, Executive Formula is the company of Tamaras Molyakova, a motivational speaker, also from St. Petersburg.


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