First Look – CCHR Latin America

On Saturday Scientology opened a string of storefront locations in Clearwater, Florida for six “Social Reform” or “Fourth Dynamic” groups – front groups for Scientology to advance the reputation of L. Ron Hubbard or protect Scientology through a policy known as “Safepointing.” Scientology likes to mirror facilities in each continent, so that Eastern US, Western US, Latin America, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Canada and the UK each have an Advanced Org, a Continental Liaison Office, a planned Continental Narconon, and so on.

This is an artist’s conception of the storefront for CCHR (Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights) for the LATAM, or Latin America Continent, and is planned for somewhere in Mexico City. We believe each of Scientology’s Continents has a plan for a similar set of storefronts for the six Fourth Dynamic groups. If this effort is funded by the International Association of Scientologists, we may see these open within a year. If each Continent is expected to fund their own Fourth Dynamic groups, they may never open.

If you happen to know the address of this storefront, or for any other Continent, drop us a line at

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