Clearwater, Florida – The First Ideal City

Scientology’s campaign for Ideal Orgs is well known, with newly renovated facilities in many countries. There are also a few Ideal Missions, there are plans for Ideal Narconons, and the Rev. Alfreddie Johnson has spoken on the subject of Ideal Scientologists. The word “ideal” holds a great draw for members, and declaring the goal of an Ideal City of Clearwater, Florida will be a popular goal among members, but probably not for the remaining population of the city.

Youth for Human Rights is a front group for Scientology to promote the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When they don’t have enough youth around, they use the name United for Human Rights. Saturday was the opening of the new Human Rights building on N. Fort Harrison Ave. This coming Sunday there will be a briefing by Guillermo Smythe, the LRH PPRO, or L. Ron Hubbard’s Personal Public Relations Officer. The topic will be Scientology programs in Colombia, and plans to make Clearwater, Florida the first Ideal City. If you go, please drop us a line at to tell us what an Ideal City looks like. Also, take pictures.

Colombia has experienced a decrease in crime and murder in recent years. However, it ranks #12 of countries with the highest murder rate in the world and is not one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is related to the intensity of the ongoing civil war, not the distribution of literature on human rights by Scientologists. Below is a promotional brochure featuring Smythe from January. We assume he will be doing the briefing via Skype, and not in person. A video conference room is now essential in Scientology facilities to accommodate all the Skype briefings.


3 thoughts on “Clearwater, Florida – The First Ideal City

  1. “700% growth in the economy”…attributable to WTH….Shut up!

    Has Obama or Yellin heard of this? Talk about a miracle cure for a moribund, stagnant economy…freakin LRH was a genius.

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  2. No it’s true! All of the coca growers now grow beans for the Sea Org! So crime is down and business is booming. However once they find that COBucks are worthless in the currency markets the economy will crash but hey, it wouldn’t be the first time an economy was kept afloat with funny money.

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