The Seven Stable Data Of Postulates And How They Relate To Life – With Rohn Walker

ONE TIME ONLY – FRIDAY NIGHT – JULY 31st – a combo event hosted by Riverpark and Capitol Missions! Write this down and you can rsvp by reply or email me at or if you are coming. RSVP NOW !


If you would like more command and control of this native ability then this seminar is for you. The Capitol and Riverpark Missions are teaming up to create this special evening seminar. It will be presented by Rohn Walker who is one of the most entertaining speakers you could hope to hear and he makes the subject very down to earth and useful – we will all walk away more powerful.

FRIDAY NIGHT JULY 31st 6:30 sharp – 9:30pm light eats beforehand at 6pm.
Hosted at the Riverpark Mission – 3825 Marconi Ave – 95821
There is NO CHARGE for it! Why are we doing this? Because it is what we do!

LRH says in HCO PL Promotion and Motivation, “A mission or an org must flow out service, help, wisdom, useful data.” So come in for a bit of all of the above ! It will be a good Friday night spent with your friends.

Our featured speaker is Rohn Walker. IAS Freedom Medal Winner, Multiple Mission Holder, WISE Consultant and President & Founder of International Executive Technology. Rohn has been helping LRH build a better world for over 40 years and is a constant friend to our community!

Rohn Walker was the Mission Holder for the defunct Sierra Nevada and San Joaquin/Stockton Scientology Missions.

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