Saint Hill Going Ideal With New CLO Building

This Saturday all of Scientology’s UK orgs will hold an event to announce that Saint Hill will become an Ideal Advanced Org, and that a new Continental Liaison Office (CLO) will be opening on the property. Saint Hill bills itself as the home of L. Ron Hubbard in East Grinstead, England. We’ve been hearing stories about renovations and construction at Saint Hill, and now they appear ready to announce it to the Publics. Below is a Sea Org recruiting poster courtesy of Mike Rinder which shows a portion of the new building.

Saint Hill is the latest of Scientology’s Advanced Orgs to go Ideal. Previously Flag went Ideal with the opening of the Super Power building, PAC went Ideal with some paint and carpet replacement, and Copenhagen went Ideal with the opening of a new CLO in a nearby industrial park. We don’t know if they plan to ever re-launch the Freewinds as an Ideal Ship. There are four empty facilities that have been announced as new Ideal Advanced Orgs and CLO facilities – in Australia, South Africa, Canada and Mexico, and we continue to look for signs of work being done at any of these.

We don’t think they are ready to re-open Saint Hill as an Ideal Advanced Org yet, or the new CLO UK. We think the opening ceremony with guest speaker David Miscavige may be scheduled for the Spring.

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