For Sale – Ron’s Journal 39

For sale on Ebay is a copy of Ron’s Journal 39, which may be the last recording L. Ron Hubbard’s ever made. It is dated 11 Dec. 1985, and Hubbard died little over a year later. At the time of the recording, he was living in near isolation at the ranch in Creston, California. The lie perpetuated for years that Hubbard wasn’t in charge of Scientology had now become fact with his declining health and increased isolation at the ranch.

The start and end of the recording are musical, the portion in the middle by Hubbard is brief, and describes how he has completed researching OT-8 and has sent it off to Scientology management to be released when they see fit. He describes the level as handling amnesia on the whole track, which might apply to any of the versions of OT-8 that were eventually released by Scientology.

The recording is in an unusual format – a nickel album. The description of the item says it is “produced with the same state-of-the-art manufacturing process and materials currently being used to archivally preserve the recorded LRH technologies of Dianetics and Scientology.” The recording was made available to Scientologists as part of the Maiden Voyage celebration in 1993.


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