Narconon Dmitrovgrad Celebrates 100 Completions

Natalia Krivosheeva is the 100th completion for Narconon Dmitrovgrad, and celebrates above with Executive Director Alexandr Polyanichko. Also pictured are staff members Svetlana Mezheninova, Ben Marcus Alexandr Polyanichko, and Igor Kalennik. There are several cities named Dmitrovgrad, and Narconon has their facility in the one in Ulyanovsk Oblast, about 500 miles from Moscow. Translation by Google:

I can confidently say that it was the most important cycle in my life, because thanks to him I found myself. My life has turned around 360 degrees. As if I was born again and only just now beginning to truly live! My whole program consisted of victories, successes and overcoming obstacles.

We don’t have the heart to tell her what 360 degrees signifies.


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