Minor Incidents On The Time Track

Minor Incidents on the Time Track collects Scientology completions and awards to benefit researchers and those who may be disconnected from family members or friends.

Terri Buell has signed a new five year contract at the Belleair Mission as the Organization Executive Secretary (OES). The OES is in charge of Divisions 3, 4 and 5, the Treasury, Tech, and Qual Divisions. Scientology staff contracts are all either two and a half or five years.

Eugene Kartamishev has completed Cause Resurgence at Flag.

Vitaliy Voroshilov completed Method One Word Clearing at the Kharkiv, Ukraine Mission. Kharkiv is in the area of Ukraine with a Russian population, but is more than 100 miles from Donetsk, where the heaviest fighting takes place.

Adrienne Kiss and Robin Csorba have completed the Comm Course at the London Org.

To have your photo included in Minor Incidents On The Time Track, email your photo, name, and org or mission to SecCheck8@gmail.com.

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