Help Wanted – The Way To Happiness

201 E. Broadway
Glendale, California 91205

The Way to Happiness Foundation located in Glendale CA is now hiring for a variety of positions.

If you have a passion to change conditions on this planet and work with a high level of purpose and a great team, this Org is for you. We have openings in Personnel, Reception, recruitment, manufacturing, public outreach. Most positions 40 hours per week with wages from minimum wage and up based on position and experience.

Contact Name: Joni Ginsberg
Contact Phone: 818-254-0600
Contact Fax: 818-649-3225

* Recruitment and Personnel officer needed for our Division 1. 40 hours per week
* VP of Manufacturing needed to make The Way to Happiness books – 40 hours per week
* Sales Director – 40 hours per week
* Sales people needed 20 & 40 hours per week available
* Reception – nights and some Saturdays
* Public outreach (Division 6) 40 hours per week

We asked a correspondent about this ad.

These positions they’re advertising are really weird – they are mixing “wog” lingo with Scientologese terminology. Are they following a Scientology Org Board or a corporate structure here? The fact that they’re using these descriptions for positions means they’re willing to recruit non-Scientology public – that means they cannot find Scientologists willing to work as slaves anymore. And the fact that they’re offering “minimum wage & up” – does this mean the thumb screws are being tightened on these “volunteer” organizations?


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