Help Wanted – Suncoast Mission

We are expanding like crazy and need some more awesome thetans to help us clear this planet all the way from Orange County, California!!!

We are now hiring Course Supervisors, Auditors, Case Supervisors, Purification I/C’s (will train for all the tech posts, as needed), as well as HCO Personnel (Receptionists, etc), Treasury, Regges (Div 6 & Div 2), and Execs!!! Pay is GREAT and hours are even better (M-F 10-6PM, with the exception of some key tech posts). Come join us here at The South Coast Mission and be part of a winning team!!! If you are interested call me or text me @ 949-297-4446, email me or message me here to schedule an interview!

PS: We are also hiring for other locations.
ARC, Marcelo Cardoso – HES

We asked a correspondent about the claims of great pay and hours.

If they’re looking for so many staff (basically every post on the org board they need to fill), that means what they’re currently making is being distributed among a small number of people. The more people, the less pay. This is exactly how the “unit” system works. It was Mary-Sue who proposed the unit system – LRH was dubious, but put it to a vote and the majority staff voted for the unit system. Since then, org staff have literally been as poor as proverbial church mice.

“Great pay” could equate to anything more than $50/week. While I was on staff it was cause for celebration if we made anything more than $40/week. Some weeks staff were getting about $1.80 – not enough to cover their taxi fare to get to and from the org – let alone eat anything!

10am – 6pm is NOT great hours!! And this is a ruse. The “official” hours of Missions and Class V orgs has changed through the years to be more and more like Sea Org hours – although they state 10am, they will want staff to be there half an hour earlier for “muster” (meeting) every morning – and staff seldom if ever get off when they are supposed to. The “unwritten rule” in any SCN organisation is that you work until your job is done (which is never) – and so, if you haven’t reached your daily quota, you stay until it’s done. Or you end up having to do additional work such as call-in for events, etc etc.

Although Missions are supposed to be more loosely run than orgs, the fact is with the Sea Org now managing them, they are way more regimented than before. Suddenly Missions are now being set quota’s of expected production, have to be open standard org hours.

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