Help Wanted – American Power & Gas

Division One Rock Star Needed – CLW
American Power & Gas
10601 Belcher Rd
Clearwater, Florida 33777

If you live in Clearwater OR have wanted to relocate to Clearwater, we have THE opportunity to prosper in Clearwater. American Power & Gas is a 16 year-old premier company in the Retail Energy supply business with offices internationally. We are the largest call center in the Tampa Bay area in the business of buying and selling electricity and natural gas. We have over 140,000 monthly customers and expanding like mad. We need a Rock Star to take over our Division 1 in our brand new 30,000 square foot Clearwater location.

Contact Name: Emmett
Contact Phone: 727 733 8700

This is an executive position with stability and future.

Compensation: Salary plus bonus

• The ability to quickly observe any non-optimum situations and see the best solution quickly, and to then handle it with confidence.
• Must Love your fellow man, in spite of everything you have seen him do.
• Must be able to embrace the 4th Dynamic and operate successfully in it.
• Must be able to understand and apply the difference between Ethics and Justice.
• Must be able to enjoy a good belly laugh just for the sake of doing it.
• Hatted and skilled in Human Resources and Administration
• Experience in all media avenues for recruiting (radio, television and print) a plus

For immediate consideration send resume to and then call Emmett Osborn at 727-733-8700 extension 205


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