Tshwane Leadership Foundation Welcomes Scientology – The Way To Happiness And Sanitary Products

The Pretoria, South Africa Org will be holding a fundraiser on July 18th to provide at-risk girls and women at Lerato House (it is NOT spelled Leratho House) with beauty and health products. Lerato House is a program of the Tshwane Leadership Foundation – an ecumenical group that promotes a wide variety of community assistance programs. The event appears to have little or nothing to do with the pamphlet by L. Ron Hubbard – The Way To Happiness, or Nelson Mandela, but it is being held on Mandela’s birthday, which is a day for South Africans to volunteer and perform community service.

“Tata Mabida” is a common nickname for Mandela, meaning Father from the Mabida tribe.

The Way to Happiness team from Pretoria will be doing 67 minutes in Honor of our former President Nelson Mandela with the Leratho House. The Leratho House deals with young girls from the ages of 9 to 21 that are at risk of violent abuse & human trafficking. The young lady’s also deserve a day of wellness, care and happiness. Right now the Leratho House do not get much funding and these young ladies are in need of sanitary and beauty products.

The Way to Happiness team will be raising funds for the Leratho House for the basics they need, showing theses young ladies The Way to Happiness video on how to lead a happy and prosperous life. After the event these ladies will be treated to a delicious lunch prepared just for them in Honoring Tata Madiba. If you would like to be part of the event or are able to sponsor sanitary pack’s or beauty products please contact us at:
Email: thewaytohappiness.africa@gmail.com or
Contact Eddy King: at 073 471 4612


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