Hubbard College Of Administration Venezuela

We don’t think this sort of advertisement would be legal in the US or Western Europe, but if they are making these claims in public in Venezuela, we think they are making them in private everywhere. The Hubbard College of Administration only uses the same tools that Scientology does, such as the Tone Scale, Suppressive Person Identification, Management by Statistics, use of Hubbard’s Personality Tests, use of Hubbard’s Organization Boards, and the like. Translation by Google:

Incredible Sales Workshop

Achieve 70% effectiveness in closures, increase your income by 60% with good customer service.

I successfully tested

Most successful sales technology worldwide
Innovative and functional knowledge
This is not a motivational seminar, it delivers scientifically proven techniques
Learning methodology that achieves true understanding and application
Monitoring the application without associated costs

3,100 Venezuelan Bolivars is about 488 US Dollars. The median monthly income is 12,000 Bolivars.


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