Bogota Ideal Org Opens Today

We have the first photo of the day from Bogota, where Scientology leader David Miscavige will open the new Ideal Org. The photo shows crowd control barriers, a camera boom, and people in yellow jackets that say “Auxiliar Logistico” or “Logistics Assistant.” We think they are there to take tickets and seat the guests.

Update: Photos of the stage, seating area and invited guests.

Second update:

We think this is the org staff.

A staff member relaxes in the lobby.

We didn’t notice the Scientology symbol on the short side of the building until now.

Musical entertainment.

Military and police officials address the crowd.

David Miscavige addresses the crowd, balloons and confetti are released as the ribbon is cut.

Then it’s inside for appetizers and continued celebrations. What do they serve at an Ideal Org opening event?

Mini potato tortillas, chocolate tarts, salmon puffs, blini with caviar, mango mousse, ceviche with mango and more.

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