Scientology Rally Race in Nanacamilpa, Mexico

The Scientology front group Youth For Human Rights is sponsoring a rally race in the town of Nanacamilpa, Mexico on July 3rd. Nanacamilpa is a town of about 16,000 inhabitants in the state of Tlaxcala, East of Mexico City. Rally racing takes place on unpaved roads rather than a closed track. The race is co-sponsored by the town of Nanacamilpa, and Instituto Nanacamilpense de la Juventud (INANJUVE), a government agency that provides youth services in the municipality.

First Look – Taipei Ideal Org

Today we have our first look at the planned Taipei Ideal Org in Taiwan. If completed, this would be the second Ideal Org in that country. We’re not sure from this artist’s rendition if this will be a renovation, or if they are building from the ground up. The Taipei Mission is small, and if this Ideal Org has a chance of opening, it will be funded by the IAS and not by local Scientologists.

Taichung Mission To Offer Survival Rundown

The Taichung Mission in Taiwan will be holding an event on Sunday to announce they will now deliver the Survival Rundown, a series of “Objectives” exercises that can stretch for hundreds of hours. Translation by Bing:

Dear friends – Taichung Taichung the Center is the first to provide SRD Service Center!!

This is the greater Taichung area’s Scientology awaited moments, we will uphold the purpose of LRH, implementation of KSW!!

Center of Taichung starting from today to link the whole complete freedom Bridge Center in Taichung will soon enter a new era, new century!!

2015/6/28, 11:00, solemnly invites you to visit and join hands with us to participate in this historic moment!!
Also let us thank you for your successful help!! Thank you!!

Ramadan At Narconon Turkey

Ramadan began on June 17th, and Narconon Turkey joins other Turks in celebrating Islamic holidays and festivals. Above and below the patients and staff slaughter a goat in the driveway, and prepare it for the evening meal.

Their TRs are in as they stare silently at their partner.

There are eight Narconon workbooks for patients to complete.

After class is done for the day, patients can enjoy a game of Okey, a tile game similar to the card came Rummy.

Chill EB Concert For Scientology Live in DC

Scientologist and rapper Chill EB brings his Let Them Be tour to Washington DC this month. He is touring the U.S. and Europe to oppose Psychiatric prescription of drugs for children. Where is it? When is it? These details are not being released, and we believe will not be until after the event in order to avoid the possibility of anti-Scientology protesters. We suspect this is another small street concert with only a few passers-by in attendance.

Foundation For A Drug-Free World Event – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Kaohsiung, Taiwan Ideal Org held an event today in support of the Scientology front group Foundation for a Drug-Free World. The Google translation below includes an impressive guest list.

On June 26, 2015 “love drug, Golden Triangle (WA) drug anniversary” commemoration of the international day against drug abuse and special exhibition a great success!!!

Thank the legislator Huang Xu Xinying Services Director Liu Yaoqin, Forest Park Police Branch Secretary, Mr Chen Lina, Huang Shu us lawmakers, Mr Zeng Liyan, the church bodies in Kaohsiung CEO Jian Cenzhen, drug-free World Association for the promotion of international peace the Beat Drugs Fund Chairman and a consultant anyone hoped for Zhong 儱hui, Wang Yaoyu municipality, Mr Xiao Yongda city councilman, He Quanfeng, Member of Parliament for the screen Ribbon.

And thank the legislator Huang Zhaoshun team Deputy Director Lin Jinzhong, legislator Xu Zhijie services team to help Huang Yucheng, legislator Xu Zhijie team Secretary Huang Hongyuan, a legislator and Republic party party chairman Huang Xu Xinying Kaohsiung organizing Committee, long in the Central Plains, long presents its compliments to the blue bridge.

Kaohsiung police juvenile police team, and Kaohsiung police criminal police brigade, and Kaohsiung police maternal and child police team, and Kaohsiung port police corps, and forest park police branch, and Okayama police branch, and Yancheng police branch, and principles a branch long Ming police station, and Fengshan police branch, and Fengshan branch success police station, and bird pine district Hall, and Golden district Hall, and ren force district Hall, and principles district Hall, and MINO district Hall, and Nantou County outside will, and Taoyuan City Health Council, government units representative scene presents its compliments to the.

Also thank the business of Hengchun, shudekeda, Nam University, Southern University, Kao Yuan University, Yan university instructors and Youchang, five State a small Wen Xianguo, renwuguo little, small ping elementary school, caring elementary education instructors, principals, officers arrived at the scene to participate in.

Also grateful to the Pingtung-original yuanyatang President of Lions Clubs International 300F anti-drug Committee Chairman, Riverside restaurant Restaurant Group Manager, Irene coffee company representatives to participate.

Grateful to three clear merit, true Buddha China sponsored by the Southern District Branch, and other partners represented at participate.

Special thanks:

Pingtung County honor probation officers Association, the Riverside restaurant restaurant group, Corporation true Buddhism to China sponsored by the Southern District Branch, rose, m sponsored and organised activities.

Toro m happy Orchestra public good performance

Teach Kaohsiung thanked Kaohsiung City Councilor Li Meizhen, incorporated the Emperor Palms homes, Ms Zhang Suluan, Chairman of Riverside restaurants made a gift basket, thanked the members of the legislator Ting Shou-congratulations on your shaft.

Thank you Bcc in Kaohsiung to help media

Photo Of The Day – Scientology Colombia

The opening of the new Ideal Scientology Org in Bogota Colombia is set for July 5th. We’re pretty sure this photo relates to the event, but we don’t know what it shows. It it a license plate? There’s a spring on the left. Our best guess is lighting or camera equipment, but if you know what it is – comment below or drop us a line at


An astute correspondent sees a shock absorber on the left, a muffler on the right, and a license plate in the center, meaning that there is a bright blue Scientology motorcycle in Bogota, Colombia. Is it a present for known motorcycle enthusiasts David Miscavige or Tom Cruise to be presented when they visit Bogota for the opening of the Ideal Org on July 5th? If you see this bike – send us a photo.

WISE Convention Burbank – With Bob Duggan

The annual World Institute of Scientology Enterprises convention will be held August 7-10 in the Burbank Marriott Hotel. The featured speaker will be billionaire Scientologist Bob Duggan.

This is an awesome Convention with many great speakers — Arte Maren, Patrick Valtin, Kevin Wilson, Bill Johonnesson, Brandon Marion – just to name few. In addition, a very special speaker just booked to speak at the American WISE Convention. Mr. Bob Duggan is one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. A visionary and inspired entrepreneur, as well as a committed philanthropist, Mr. Duggan will be sharing with convention attendees the key principles from Hubbard Administrative technology which led him to the pinnacle of his game. Register today by calling 323-953-3310!

Minor Incidents On The Time Track

Minor Incidents on the Time Track collects Scientology completions and awards to benefit researchers and those who may be disconnected from family members or friends.

Dan and Pauline Drach are new Silver Humanitarians for their donations to the Chicago Ideal Org.

Nasheema Qureshi has completed Cause Resurgence at Flag.

Lidia Miko and Sandor Miko completed Cause Resurgence at Flag.

Rosalva Skripka has completed Advanced Auditor at the Jorge Carlos Jucoski auditing center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Kelly Silva has completed the Scientology Drug Rundown at the London Org.

To have your photo included in Minor Incidents On The Time Track, email your photo, name, and org or mission to