Learning The 7-Div System – Visotsky Consulting Moscow

Scientology organizations are composed of seven “Divs,” or Divisions, each containing three Departments. The Office of Special Affairs, for example, is in Div 7 – the Executive Division, and is also known as Department 20. But these photos were not taken at a Scientology organization, yesterday Yevgeny Frolov and Olga Tatujko from Visotsky Consulting Moscow led a seminar on implementing the Scientology Seven Div System for small and medium sized businesses. This is one of the core areas that the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises teaches business owners – assigning employees to one of the seven Divs and one of the 21 Departments so they can implement L. Ron Hubbard’s theories on efficient business management.

One thought on “Learning The 7-Div System – Visotsky Consulting Moscow

  1. Ron Hubbard or Alfred Sloan…who do you think of when it comes to learning classical theory of business management?


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