Del Valle Ideal Org Space Plans Done – Mexico Maiden Voyage Event

We have photos of the first of four Maiden Voyage events at the Mexico City Ideal Org, where the big news was that space plans for the del Valle Ideal Org have been approved. Each phase of an Ideal Org project is celebrated, and this one ensures that the Scientology divisions and departments are all arranged in a way consistent with the Ideal Org philosophy. If they don’t get this approval from top officials, there’s no point in renovating the building at all.

It also means that there is an empty Ideal Org building somewhere in Monterrey, Mexico, where the current del Valle Mission is located. The jump from Mission to Ideal Org is large, and we think this will be another Ideal Org funded by the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) rather than the local members, or “publics.”

In the photo above, from left to right, the new del Valle Ideal Org artists’ conception, the existing Mexico City Ideal Org, the Freewinds, and the still empty AOSH LATAM, or Advanced Org Saint Hill Latin America, which is a former shopping mall.

Below are the approved space plans, and they indicate the same as the photo above, that the del Valle Ideal Org will be about a ten-story building.

The current del Valle Mission occupies a few rooms in this office building on Rio Mississipi in Monterrey.

More photos of the event, below.

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