Foundation For A Drug-Free World Event – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Kaohsiung, Taiwan Ideal Org held an event today in support of the Scientology front group Foundation for a Drug-Free World. The Google translation below includes an impressive guest list.

On June 26, 2015 “love drug, Golden Triangle (WA) drug anniversary” commemoration of the international day against drug abuse and special exhibition a great success!!!

Thank the legislator Huang Xu Xinying Services Director Liu Yaoqin, Forest Park Police Branch Secretary, Mr Chen Lina, Huang Shu us lawmakers, Mr Zeng Liyan, the church bodies in Kaohsiung CEO Jian Cenzhen, drug-free World Association for the promotion of international peace the Beat Drugs Fund Chairman and a consultant anyone hoped for Zhong 儱hui, Wang Yaoyu municipality, Mr Xiao Yongda city councilman, He Quanfeng, Member of Parliament for the screen Ribbon.

And thank the legislator Huang Zhaoshun team Deputy Director Lin Jinzhong, legislator Xu Zhijie services team to help Huang Yucheng, legislator Xu Zhijie team Secretary Huang Hongyuan, a legislator and Republic party party chairman Huang Xu Xinying Kaohsiung organizing Committee, long in the Central Plains, long presents its compliments to the blue bridge.

Kaohsiung police juvenile police team, and Kaohsiung police criminal police brigade, and Kaohsiung police maternal and child police team, and Kaohsiung port police corps, and forest park police branch, and Okayama police branch, and Yancheng police branch, and principles a branch long Ming police station, and Fengshan police branch, and Fengshan branch success police station, and bird pine district Hall, and Golden district Hall, and ren force district Hall, and principles district Hall, and MINO district Hall, and Nantou County outside will, and Taoyuan City Health Council, government units representative scene presents its compliments to the.

Also thank the business of Hengchun, shudekeda, Nam University, Southern University, Kao Yuan University, Yan university instructors and Youchang, five State a small Wen Xianguo, renwuguo little, small ping elementary school, caring elementary education instructors, principals, officers arrived at the scene to participate in.

Also grateful to the Pingtung-original yuanyatang President of Lions Clubs International 300F anti-drug Committee Chairman, Riverside restaurant Restaurant Group Manager, Irene coffee company representatives to participate.

Grateful to three clear merit, true Buddha China sponsored by the Southern District Branch, and other partners represented at participate.

Special thanks:

Pingtung County honor probation officers Association, the Riverside restaurant restaurant group, Corporation true Buddhism to China sponsored by the Southern District Branch, rose, m sponsored and organised activities.

Toro m happy Orchestra public good performance

Teach Kaohsiung thanked Kaohsiung City Councilor Li Meizhen, incorporated the Emperor Palms homes, Ms Zhang Suluan, Chairman of Riverside restaurants made a gift basket, thanked the members of the legislator Ting Shou-congratulations on your shaft.

Thank you Bcc in Kaohsiung to help media


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