Boy Scouts Of America Welcome Scientology – Foundation For A Drug-Free World

Scientology front group Foundation for a Drug Free World will present their anti-drug message to Boy Scouts as the reach the rank of Second Class. The program will include videos and study materials provided by Scientology.

At their annual national meeting in Atlanta last month, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) unveiled a new drug education tool to help a million volunteers and 2.5 million Scouts nationwide to learn the truth about drugs.

BSA executives officially recognized the Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s “Truth About Drugs” educational program for use by Scout leaders and troop volunteers to help their Scouts reach their Second Class rank.

Next steps involve volunteers, working with the Foundation’s Southeast Regional Director, Joshua Benk, to deliver the “Truth About Drugs” prevention education tool into the hands of tens of thousands of Scout leaders throughout the country. A volunteer for the Foundation, Mr. Benk leads the delivery team and their efforts to facilitate the launch of a BSA-endorsed program that could reach Scouts nationwide with information that will help them stay drug-free. Mr. Benk is employed as the Administrator of the Atlanta Dental Center located in Midtown Atlanta.

“Our custom Truth About Drugs training regimen for Scout leaders can be administered in a single, one-hour lesson,” said Tom Paquette, Foundation spokesman and representative at the Scouts convention. “This simple, yet effective approach will enable young Scouts to make their own healthy decisions – based on facts – concerning drug and alcohol use and abuse.”

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