Nation Of Islam Doing Scientology, Not Just Dianetics

The Nation of Islam has been learning Dianetics auditing for several years, but the distinction is always drawn that they are only doing Dianetics, not Scientology. The distinction they draw is that they can use the tools of Dianetics without converting to Scientology, and remain the Nation of Islam. In practice, the distinction is erased. Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad is a leader of the NOI in the St. Petersburg Life Improvement Center, and has been taking courses that are only Scientology, and have nothing to do with Dianetics. Above is her certificate for completing the PTS/SP course, designed to help identifying evil people. She is currently working on Advanced Procedures and Axioms.

As I am working to finish this course that I am on called Advance Procedures & Axioms, I had a cognition of the processing class to enter into The Nation of Islam. Dear Believer & Friends we are never out of the processing Class of God. We move to the next level of growth in HIS class. EVERY STEP is a “Process” continue to go up Jacobs ladder “Bridge” towards total freedom ~Sis Nayyirah~

A source describes the nature and origin of the course.

It is 100% Scientology, and has absolutely nothing to do with Dianetics. It comes with lectures “Thought Emotion and Effort” which is a series of lectures/congress given by Hubbard at the time of writing the book. He would have lectured to trained auditors. One could not even attend his lectures if you weren’t an APA (Advanced Professional Auditor) – or above.

2 thoughts on “Nation Of Islam Doing Scientology, Not Just Dianetics

  1. All you need to know is that space aliens play a prominent role in both NOI and Scientology…Elijah Mohammed was as wack as LRH and Joseph Smith, although maybe I’m not being fair to Smith…he didn’t claim a major role for space aliens, did he?

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  2. Dinenetics can get very exspensive.Many of the NOI members are not very affluent. I wounder how this will play out in the long run.


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