Help Wanted – Hartford Mission Holder

Very Theta News!!!!

I have been given approval to arrive at Flag to become a Flag Trained Class V Auditor and work at the brand new Harlem Ideal Org!

Harlem is looking forward for me to arrive TRAINED very soon! and I am so excited to get there and start!!!

There is one action left to be able to achieve this! I must find a replacement for me as Mission Holder at the Mission of Hartford, Connecticut!

So my friends and fellow Scientologists I am reaching out to all Scientologists to ask you who you might know who would like to further and grow a Mission in prospect rich Connecticut! There is a 3+ million population here, virtually unknowing about Scientology.

There really is a huge need for our technology to be delivered to this community, please let me know your thoughts and if you have anyone in mind for this post.

Thank you for helping me to keep Scientology working and expanding!!

Look forward to any suggestions/ solutions to make this go right.

Warm Regards and ARC
Howard Pinkham


3 thoughts on “Help Wanted – Hartford Mission Holder

  1. “There is a 3+ million population here, virtually unknowing about Scientology…”

    Edit: This is a fast growing mission showing 64x growth over the past 18 months. The entire state is on the brink of clearing. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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