Scientology In Syrian Libraries

Scientology recently sent a large shipment of books to Damascus for distribution to Syrian libraries. At SecCheck we are skeptical of the public relations claims of Scientology, but in this case there are photos that may shed light on whether this effort is genuine or staged. There are regular claims from the church that books by L. Ron Hubbard are being sent to troubled areas of the world in order to calm violence and encourage membership in Scientology. Since the books arrived, we haven’t seen less violence in Syria. To the contrary the three way civil war is becoming more destructive. In the photo above, 3,600 editions of Scientology books stand ready for shipment. Below, books in Damascus being delivered to 2,300 libraries and cultural centers.

Above and below, unnamed librarians accept The Way to Happiness and Dianetics for their libraries.

Above, an unnamed doctor in the city of Homs reading a borrowed copy of the book. Scientology claims he used the book to audit his patients to “handle stress and upsets in life.” Since this photo was taken, Homs has been the site of intense fighting, and residents have faced starvation as food supplies haven’t been delivered to the largely ruined city.

Below, a book fair in Damascus where Dianetics is being promoted.

“Books are the sparks you need to light the fire.” – LRH, 16 April 1959

Thank you to all who helped Planetary Dissemination! We are saving and changing lives by bringing LRH books where they are most needed! Let’s continue to bring peace and freedom to people all around the world.

David Hostettler
Vice President Distribution
New Era Publications International

4 thoughts on “Scientology In Syrian Libraries

  1. On vacation last week in upstate Michigan, we saw the basics in hardcover offered for sale by the local library holding its annual sale. The books were brand spanking new and interestingly unmarked by any type of library stamp indicating they were obviously never part of the circulating collection. At $2/each, we bought 10 and deposited them in a dumpster, viewing it as a community service donation.

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    • It’s true that donations of books to libraries, including Scientology books, may be directly routed to the library’s book sale if the library doesn’t think they want them in their collection. I am about to donate a bunch of basic books and lectures to my local library because I know I will never read or listen to them (I am saving some of my older materials). That said, I think it’s awful to throw books away, whether you agree with them or not. Somebody might find value in them. Let them be bought by someone who will read them. Throwing them in a dumpster is akin to book burning.


      • I’m with you, Jenni. Book burning is bad. Most libraries find Scientology’s donations unwelcome, but if you find one that wants them, that sounds like a good idea.


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