Help Scientology’s Hubbard College Accreditation – Buy New Books

Scientology is releasing a new edition of the Admin Tech volumes. This 11-volume set contains all of L. Ron Hubbard’s theories on business management, and costs $1,350. The proceeds of the sale are intended to pay for the accreditation of the Hubbard College of Business Administration in California.

Here is another piece of good news. On June 30th the Hubbard College ends its fiscal year. So on July 1st we are launching a series of steps with the State of California to apply for accreditation, to eventually become a university and to be able to deliver an accredited MBA degree program!! This is big. Can you imagine?? a University??

So what needs to happen to be able to even apply we need to be able to show a strong asset side on our books and the accreditation process is not cheap-over hundreds of thousands, though in the end worth it. The money raised from the sale of these volumes goes directly to that purpose. That’s why we have a very incredible pre-sale price and we need to get it done before the end of the this month!!! Please call me for the special price and to place your order. 818-588-8755 or HCI 323-660-8685 Ext 250

We do pay a Field Rep commission too!


3 thoughts on “Help Scientology’s Hubbard College Accreditation – Buy New Books

  1. I bet Hubbard College would like to be accredited because it would open up the tap to federally guaranteed student loans. Imagine the clones standing in line to put their bridge….errr, I mean their Hubbard MBA on a GSL.


  2. Miscavige still thinks he can con the world. And he mainly relies on US public to fall for his scams. Why is that????


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