Wysocki Consulting Honors Long Service – WISE Consulting

Staff of the World Institute of Business Enterprises (WISE) group Wysocki Consulting received recognition of their years of service with their employer yesterday. Wysocki is associated with Vitosky Consulting, one of the largest consulting groups in Scientology, concentrating in Russia and countries with a Russian-speaking population. From left to right, above Alena Šipoš and Alexander Isaev celebrate seven years, and Sergeys Snegur celebrates ten years.

Anastasia Melnikova – six years, Anya Voznaya – five years, Alena Sipos – seven years, Olga Bondar – four years.

A photo of the entire staff, Olga Bondar, Eugene Kirshenin, Aleksandr Dukhota, Dasha Syrotkina, Lesia Shevchenko, Anastasia Melnikova Anna Chemodakov Alena Sipos, Tengiz Ierkvaniia, Sergiy Snegur, Lavrentiy Tarasevych, Aleksandra Bakro, Nataly Yeriomina, Alexey Malashevich and Ksenia Bykov.


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