Ukrainian WISE Conference

The Ukrainian branch of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) will hold its annual conference June 12-14 at Gintama Briz, a resort on the banks of the Kiev water reservoir. The price for WISE members, including accommodations is 9,600 Ukrainian Hryvnia, which is about US$ 454.

Each year, owners and managers of Ukrainian companies get together on WISE conference to address the most pressing issues of business management, the study of modern trends, exchange of experience and joint rest. The speakers are the well-known management consultants and experienced owners.

Alexander Vysotsky, a Russian Scientologist, and founder of Visotsky Consulting, one of the largest WISE business management consultants, and author of the book Small Business. Big Game.

Alexander Baydyushev, a Russian consultant, speaker and co-author of the book How to increase your business by at least 50% with the help of your loyal customers.

Mårten Runow, the Swedish-born President of Performia, a WISE consultant company with offices in countries around the world.

Evgeniya Sukharev, president of WISE in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Scientology continues to use CIS to refer to Russia and the former Soviet Republics, long since the name has fallen from popular usage.

Oleksandr Bondar, Chairman of WISE in Ukraine, and Director of Mega-Polis, and insurance company.

Eugene Sotnikov is a management consultant and director of Profit Systems Group.

Andrew Rublevsky is a speaker and business coach.


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