Continental Narconon LATAM Preparing Opening

New “Continental” Narconon locations were announced in December of 2014. To date, none of them have opened, and community opposition to the locations in Canada, Australia and Maryland has made it uncertain if those facilities will ever open. This new photo of the interior of Narconon Latin America (or LATAM) makes it appear likely the Mexican location will open before any of the controversial sites. Computer-generated renderings are commonly released far in advance of the opening of Scientology sites, but actual photos usually indicate the facility is ready.

The Continental Narconon LATAM is near the town of Villa Victoria, about 25 miles West of Toluca. As with many Narconons, the property is protected by surrounding walls.

The property is in the hacienda style of Mexican architecture, with tiled roofs, corner turrets, and a central garden. Unlike many Narconons, there are no athletic fields or swimming pools.

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