Scientology’s Drug Free “Heros” Awards

Scientology held the 8th Annual Drug Free Heros Awards on June 4th, and misspelled the word “Heroes” in the name of the event, held at the New York Scientology Org.

The honorees were:

Matt Carney – Love PREP
Dr. Gesner Noel – Eglise Baptiste, Novelle Naissance
Detective Tanya Duhaney – NYPD Community Affairs
Bishop Dr. Lubin Moise, Sr. – Mt. Sinai Worship Center Inc.
Frank L. Greenagel, Jr. – College Recovery, 1st Lt. Penn. Army National Guard
Vernon J. House, Jr. – NYPD School Safety Division
Karen Lundgard Turbe – Girl Scouts of Greater New York
Troy Hassan Dixon – NYC Housing Authority
Charles McKenley – The Children’s Village
Ruben Mojica – Bronx Regional High School
Kristin Lauren Wagner – Directions for our Youth
Nacumba Moore – ASA College Externship Department
Glenda M. Cintron – NYPD/SSD Bronx West, Training Unit
Dr. Marcelo Rodriguez Garo – National Council of Drugs, Dominican Republic
Amanda Mason – Middle School Movement

Scientologists Bernard Fialkoff and Meghan Fialkoff hosted the awards. Dr. Marcelo Rodriguez Garo, far left.

Amanda Mason, center. Detective Tanya Duhaney, right.

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