Andrik Schapers Update

Scientologist Andrik Schapers has raised $34,306 so far of his $85,000 goal to treat his cancer with baths in hyper-oxygenated “Kaqun” water. He will not be traveling to Norway as we previously reported, but will continue treatment in Hungary. He and his wife Christina posted a video from 1991 when Andrik held concerts to oppose the leaders of Serbia during the Croatian War of Independence.

We have uploaded a new video. It is an historical document of a song Andrik wrote for Sarajevo during the horrible war in 1991 of Serbia against the muslim population of Bosnia-Herzegovina instigated by psychiatrists Karadzic, Raskovic and the wife of the then Serbian president Milosevic. This footage was broadcasted by CNN all around the world. And Andrik with other friends of Hamburg Org did did a protest concert exposing these criminals as the true instigators of this horrible crimes. Karadzic was indicted by the International Human Rights Court. Milosevic decided to dropped the body before trial and Raskovic died admitting having been the cause of the war. Watch it, it is very dramatic but an example of Andrik’s work as an artist human rights advocate. Please listen with headphones.

Love, Cristina

One thought on “Andrik Schapers Update

  1. Hyper-oxygenated “Kaqun” water? This is what Scientology does to your brain. It destroys your ability to citically analyze fraudulent claims and rationally analyze a given situation in order to apply the requisite pro-survival action.



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