Sea Org Recruiting Seminar At Chisinau, Moldova Mission

Advanced Org Saint Hill Europe (AOSH EU) will be holding an event at the Chisinau, Moldova mission on June 6th to recruit new Sea Org members to work in Copenhagen. Translation by Google:

Dear friends of Scientologists!

6 June 2015 AOSH Europe has important event! Great Holiday!

In the center of Chisinau “DIANETICS” the aim of the event is to promote people from Moldova to the clergy and to the levels FROM the AOSH EU Dianetics Center extension of Chisinau you will have the opportunity to sign up for this event after an interview with an employee of the AOSH EU.

Will be showing the video materials and catering.

We will be glad to meet you!

address; Street Theatre Lane No. 6 Tel. (022) 21-20-08 mobile 078-87-76-62 Start exactly at 2:0 pm pm


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