Tampa Bay Buccaneers Welcome Scientology – Community Learning Center

Community Learning Center is a Scientology school in Clearwater, Florida that concentrates on providing Study Tech tutoring. Former student and now Tampa Bay Buccaneer Leonard Johnson and other players will participate in a fundraising event for the school on June 14th.

Hello Friends,

If you are a Bucs fan and/or enjoy helping, this just for you:

On Sunday, June 14, Tampa Bay Buccaneer players Leonard Johnson and Jerry Wunsch are hosting a dinner to expand our summer academic program. They have also invited additional Bucs to the event.

Leonard was a student of Community Learning Center when he was 12 years old, when his tutoring with CLC totally turned him around in school. Earlier this year he and his mother sought out Community Learning Center to express their gratitude for the help he received. Now he is hosting this fundraising dinner along with former Buc Jerry Wunsch who is now coaching high school football. Jerry and his fiancée started the We Believe in Me Foundation which works with 90 high school football players—the boys come from low-income house holds and would be considered at-risk based on their family income and neighborhood. Many of them have been offered full athletic scholarships to colleges but are not able to take the offers due to their academic level. Community Learning Center is providing tutoring to a dozen of these high school athletes—we want to increase the number to 80 over the summer.

The tickets are $50 and will greatly help us help a lot more kids this summer. Please call 727-441-4444 extension 1005 for more information or visit our website at clctutoring.com

Thank you!

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