Manshane, South Africa Welcomes Scientology – Foundation For A Drug Free World

Maurithus Meiring is the Director of Special Affairs (DSA) of the Pretoria, South Africa Scientology Org. On May 25th he conducted a presentation at the Tribal Office in the town of Manshane in Limpopo Province.

24 individuals from Hlahlanang Substance Abuse team run by Elias Chauke were introduced to the Drug Free World program called “The truth about drugs”.

The team were very appreciative and have already invited us back to come and train them so that they are empowered with the truth about drugs so that this team can put a stop to the high pregnancy rate, crime due to drug abuse and substance use.

We will be going back for the training and with materials. We have seen what this program have done for so many. Our intention has always been about prevention and saving life’s. The fact is life’s are being saved, broken homes are mended, destroyed family ties are renewed, schools drug issues clean up and communities see real solutions turning into results. This program is not about talking it’s about actions.

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