Andrik Schapers – Update With A Photo Of Kagun Water Bath

We previous reported on the Gofundme page to raise money for IAS fundraiser Andrik Schapers cancer treatments. He will be taking baths in oxygenated water known as Kagun water. Above is a photo of a Kagun water bath. Cristina Roveyaz, Schapers’ wife, describes the theory behind the treatment, and an update on travel from Budapest to Bergen, Norway, where the baths will be taken. The donations page has raised $24,820 so far out of a goal of $85,000.

If you wonder what this is, well it is the magic Kaqun oxygen bath where millions of “bad cells” get converted into “good boys”, times a day for 50 minutes and where at the end of the day I have the cleanest husband you can ever imagine!! I want to thank everyone that so generously helped Andrik today and if you think this message inspires other people to do the same, you know where to send them.

Dear Friends, Andrik is doing good and on June 4 we will fly to Bergen, in Norway for a special 10 days treatment, then we will be back here to continue the Kaqun treatment. We are fully determined to handle this once for good!!! Please keep helping Andrik to get through this, it’s a silly game really, but we are in it now and we have to win it!!! Thanks a lot! Lots of looovvveeee Crisitna

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