Celebrity Centre International Concert For Safepointing

Scientologist Harriet Schock is hosting a concert at Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, California on June 7th. Non-Scientologist performers include Fran Lucci, MaryJo Mundy, Pat Whiteman, Woman On The Move, Shelley Fisher, Anne Marie Radel. We’re particularly curious who will be performing, but didn’t want their picture on the poster.

Every couple of months I host a showcase at CC in the Pavilion called SNAP (Sunday Night at the Pavilion). It safepoints CC for the mostly non-Scientologist performers and it’s a wonderful show. You can check out some of the past performers on Youtube. Sunday, June 7 at 7PM I’m hosting another one. The flyer below shows the performers except for one man whose picture didn’t get taken at his request. Go figure. But he’s quite good as well. It’s only $5 and it’s an absolutely fabulous show. Please join us.

Schock makes it clear that the purpose of the evening is to “safe point” Celebrity Centre, which is to gain allies and create a favorable impression among non-Scientologists. The term comes from L. Ron Hubbard’s April 1, 1982 policy “The Safe Point”.

The most important action to undertake when going about making a safe point is to carefully and painstakingly find out who exactly are the top dogs in the area in financial and political circles, and their associates and connections, and to what each one is hostile.

A handful of allies with impressive-sounding titles and positions is not enough. Viability depends on having all areas and persons who could affect or influence the operation under PR control. Most important are the groups who survey out to be the key, real powers in an area. These persons may or may not be those who occupy high political or social positions. They may or may not be the titular heads of large economic concerns. Research and survey alone can determine this.

Here is a video of Schock on Youtube in case you can’t make it to the June event:


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