Scientology Touch Assists Cure Cancer, Move Cirvix

We have an anonymous Success Story told from two perspectives, the patient and her brother. They each credit Scientology touch assists with curing her cancer. We are not presenting this as a true story, but we wish Lisa well in her recovery.

I have been fighting cancer for five years and 3 yrs ago I got pregnant with our youngest, the scans showed the cancer was growing just as fast as the baby so I had to have him 2 mo early. While having a C-section to have him they tied my tubes and while that happened my blood pressure dropped so they threw all of my insides back in me to save my life.

I started chemo the next week. That wasn’t working so I went down to SF for a Stem Cell transplant.

18 mo. later my cancer came back with a mean attitude. I had muscle problems, I was tired, I was sick all the time.

When I started thinking about giving up here comes my brother with miracle hands. Actually his heart is a miracle.

He introduced me to Scientology. After talking about it for a long time Brian did the assists and it was crazy I felt so much better.

My body was so different in an amazing way. I walked so much better I didn’t hurt as much.

Then my brother did two other assists and I felt things moving around like my cervix setting where it was suppose to be.

My muscles were more relaxed. My moods got better. I stopped tripping and falling down a lot. I can feel my toes more and the numbness has lessened. I feel more active.

My brother saved my life.

My sister (Lisa) was diagnosed with neck cancer and had a golf ball size tumor in her lung around 5 years ago. Lisa has been through all the treatments they could give her, but it only spread to her lungs and stomach. She found out she was pregnant. When she was delivering the baby she almost died. She was supposed to have a hysterectomy concurrent, but things went wrong so they threw everything back in her before they could finish and sewed her up.

Last year they told her she has less than one year to live. When I found that out I began to look up stuff on my own and talk to people about cancer. 7 months ago she had a CAT scan done which showed more cancer. Soon after that I started giving her Nerve Assists and Body Comm Assists.

I started going over my course I took on Raising Children with her. She also bought the New Slant on Life book which she is reading with me. She is amazed at how well her kids are doing now.

A month ago she had a CAT scan done THE CANCER IS GONE.

The assists that I have doing have also made her walk better. She can feel her skin that she lost all feeling in. She even felt the insides of her stomach move around and go into place. She has been livelier and happier.


2 thoughts on “Scientology Touch Assists Cure Cancer, Move Cirvix

  1. ironically both sisters had their “insides thrown back in” and both had chemo. Perhaps the chemo saved them.
    also, according to the cult of scientoolgy; cancer is caused by out 2-D.


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