Help Wanted – Doctor For Narconon UK

The Continental Narconon UK on Maynards Green Road in Heathfield is seeking a doctor, and are also looking for a medical detox that will accept patients before they begin the Narconon program.

Narconon UK is looking for a doctor to work with. They need a fully registered GP (general practitioner) who can do full examinations of students – blood, heart and other organs – before they route onto Narconon. Ideally the doctor is not just a prescription writer, but someone who knows something about vitamin deficiencies, healthy diet etc.

They are also looking a good place they can send alcoholics etc to do a “medical detox” (as they call it) before going to Narconon. This is to get them through the worst in a medically supervised private hospital, care home etc. It needs to be located somewhere in the South East.

If any ideas spring to mind, please contact Christine Dalton, the D/ED Production: or

Many thanks!


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