Clay Demo Table – Excalibur Scientology FSM

Excalibur is a Scientology Field Staff Member group in Taipei, Taiwan. FSM groups pay a percentage of their income to Scientology, offer introductory levels, and refer members to orgs to work on the higher levels. These photos show students doing a “clay demo” to add reality to the subject being studied. In this case, business meetings.

Address: 4th Floor, 325 North Road, Taipei Revival
Location guidelines: Mucha line in Zhongshan MRT Tsann three C on the fourth floor
Tel: 02-25148287
Fax: (02) 02-25147817

Excalibur grow new knowledge consultant agency was founded in AD 2001, the use of the consultant community specialization Scientology and Dianetics ® ® technology to help anyone who wants to improve their people. Excalibur The name comes from the story of King Arthur, Excalibur can pull out of only conquer yourself and win themselves.

We offer a wide range of Scientology and Dianetics services, which included introductory services and more advanced Scientology and Dianetics service. The person receiving our services cover all public sectors of society, including individuals and groups.


One thought on “Clay Demo Table – Excalibur Scientology FSM

  1. Hi, excellent photos, very theta. It is funny to have an MU in clay in a Chinese letter 😃😃😃
    Greetings from Europe, I’d like to be there with you, very upstat.
    Ciao, Mirtill


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