Purification Rundown Cures Constipation

Mel Vandersall completed his Purification Rundown at the Los Angeles Org. He credits the procedure with helping him go to the bathroom.

Prior to doing the Purif, for the last 13 years, I had developed digestive problems. I could not break down the food and it would stay stuck in my system which interfered with my sleep and well-being. Thus, I had problems controlling my body and my body was continuing to gradually deteriorate. Then, 9 months ago, I went to the doctor who correctly spotted the problem and prescribed magnesium and a drink with fiber to address this illness. This was a correct Why for me. It stopped the deterioration and I started onto the road of recovery. However, I did not understand how I got this problem, as I always watched what I ate and was careful with my health. A bit of a mystery. Then, last April, I decided to go ahead and do the Purif right away, which I did exactly that. WOW – what a fantastic change that occurred from doing this LRH Program. As a result, my body totally healed up and I can now digest food very easily! I discovered that it was the long time of collecting toxins in my body that had created this problem, particularly, my large intestine which was not fully functioning and working. Well, that is now handled and all is functioning. My body is now in good communication with me and itself – it is no longer “at war” within itself. I am in much better communication with my body than ever before with these toxins now gone. My perceptions have cleared way up and I can taste and smell things better than ever. I sleep great and I am so much more alert and can think so much more clearly. In summary, I still have my body and its “old plumbing”, but feel clean and freed from toxins and poisons that were in my body. My body, as well as theta, flows and moves much easier now. It’s fantastic! I can see why LRH put this on the entrance point of the Bridge and make the SRD the next action to do. I want to thank the Staff at LA Org, the Sea Org, COB and LRH for this fantastic tech that I had the opportunity to take advantage of.


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