4th Dynamic Campaign Briefing – Orange County Org

IAS Freedom Medal winner Michael Roberts will speak at the Orange County org on May 23rd about Scientology’s “4th Dynamic Campaigns” including Volunteer Ministers, Drug Free World, CCHR, The Way to Happiness, Criminon, Applied Scholastics and Youth for Human Rights.

We think we can read the tea leaves here that all of these groups are in transition, and a new structure within Scientology is forming. Previously ABLE, the Association for Better Living and Education, was the umbrella group for Applied Scholastics, Criminon, Narconon and The Way to Happiness. Then came the IAS event at Saint Hill where the Voice for Humanity initiative was announced, taking The Way to Happiness out from ABLE, and lumping it with Truth About Drugs (Drug Free World), United/Youth for Human Rights, CCHR, and Volunteer Ministers. Now Applied Scholastics and Criminon appear to be removed from ABLE, leaving them with only Narconon.

Narconon has lost a significant portion of its network in recent years as Scientologists involved in drug education were converted from Narconon into the Foundation for a Drug Free World, also known as Truth About Drugs. A source of ours tells us this is a sore point for many in Narconon who resent the new Drug Free World organization. Now Narconon may be the only remaining group left in the umbrella group ABLE. The lawsuits against them for being a fraudulent drug rehab network are making the Narconon brand toxic, and Scientology is likely trying to separate the rest of these groups from further damage.

We previously reported that Scientology is renovating the buildings North of the Clearwater Bank building into a “4D Campaign Building” and now a Freedom Medal winner is speaking about the 4D Campaign. We think either “4D” or “New Civilization” will be the next Scientology buzz-word to enter our vocabulary, following in the tradition of “Golden Age of Tech” and “Ideal Org,” and the center of this effort will be Clearwater, not Los Angeles.


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