Success Story – Camelot Castle

Camelot Castle in Tintagel along the Cornwall coast is a hotel owned by Scientologists John and Irina Mappin. We have heard stories for years that guests of the hotel have found the experience unsettling, with Scientology brochures placed in their rooms. This Success Story by Arthur De Roey makes it clear that the connection to Scientology is stronger than a few pieces of paper.

30 April 2015 – 3 May 2015

During my 4 day visit at Camelot Castle I had the great fortune to be able to converse with John Mappin and Irina Mappin.

Mr. Mappin taught me practical knowledge which will help to salvage and free me for eternity. I owe so much gratitude to him, and his wife Irina.

He has helped me to find ways to salvage the relationship with my parents who felt invalidated in their hat, and gave me practical tips on how to make them feel appreciated again by me as their son. This will help introduce my parents to the Bridge.

John gave me examples of how to disseminate Scientology more effectively, and I had the great realization of how BIG and SIGNIFICANT Scientology really is.

I now have learned how to disseminate Scientology in a way that knocks off entheta and doesn’t allow for an inch of black PR to enter the conversation.

I had the major realization we are about to end war on this planet by disseminating Scientology and making Superpower available for all.

John reminded me how to assess the tone level of individuals and how to introduce them to Scientology.

I have learned a strategy to disseminate 10 people a week to Scientology on my own.

My necessity level to go up the bridge has never been higher after my visit to Camelot Castle. I realized how tired I am of certain situations in my life and can now begin to confront them.

Mr. Mappin helped me confront my biggest and most hidden ruin in life, which had destroyed all my luck in life and had ruined many lifetimes before this life.

I had a very personal revelation in relation to L. Ron Hubbard and saw with my own senses that he is still alive with us. I won a new friend in my life that I can always count on and is always there. As a result I want to flow more power to Source.

During my stay at the hotel, John gave me many tips on how to increase my luck and prosperity by handling ethics, applying the right conditions, and using the green volumes.

Some of the things I learned included the importance of using condition 4 exchange, the importance of applying the right condition, the importance of applying the Non Existence formula, and many more useful tools.

I realized the importance of keeping my ethics in, and how subtle out ethics that I am aware of, but ignore, can cause me to fail or become unlucky.

I realized the importance of using good manners and I will never forget just how powerful this is.

John even made time to audit me on a process. During the auditing I had the cognition that I am a thetan and can make decisions, and can place something on my future time track for a specific moment in time.

By doing this process I saw that I can indeed predict the future by creating it.

Arthur De Roey.


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