Scientology’s New Mojave Academy To Open On Sunday

In January we reported that a new location is being prepared for the Mojave Academy. The new Mojave Academy is now ready to open, and the staff have been updating their followers on the preparations.

This Sunday, the 24th of May, at 6:30 is the Mojave Life Basics opening celebration. There will be refreshments and you will see our new place. All are welcome. RSVP.

Just got the business license from the county!!! A win for sure!

Laurel Copelan has arrived in New Mexico to help Cheri [Hall] with the new land! He is putting his magic into the place, getting it ready for the first new students!!

Today Triffin and I weeded all of the property around the buildings, we are set for the fire inspection tomorrow!! It is so beautiful out here, and the house is just so theta!!

As a start, just a word out that we are now taking students on our pilot program! We are looking for two students who want to be part of this pilot for a majorly reduced tuition price! – Kendra [Copelan]

Call for directions, 505 239 2560

If you decide to go, there’s no need to call for directions. Take Route 344 North from Edgewood, NM. Continue on 344 for 7.5 miles, and it will turn East in Cedar Grove, NM. In one mile turn right on Drake Road. Follow Drake for one mile, Mojave Academy is the last property on the left.

Update: A previous version of this post contained information about other Scientology schools attributed to Mojave Academy. We regret the error.


3 thoughts on “Scientology’s New Mojave Academy To Open On Sunday

  1. They are located in a desolate wilderness, and they call it theta? I think isolated is more descriptive. Probably gets to 10 below zero in the winter and up to 110 in the summer with maybe 15 to 20 inches annual rainfall. With rattlesnakes, scorpions, and coyotes for neighbors, that makes for a tough escape.


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