Scientology Response In Nepal 7

This is today’s schedule for “2nd Group” of Scientology Volunteer Mininsters in Nepal. Although the schedule says that they are distributing food and medical help, the photos show they are providing Scientology’s Touch Assist procedure instead.

Below is fomer Sea Org member from Copenhagen Mark Ginge-Nielsen. His trip to Nepal is already over, lasting only a few days. Without any medical or rescue skills, we haven’t found any contribution he made to the relief effort.

The team’s efforts are described by team member Alifereti Naqeleca Waqa.

Helping in a Nepalese Village with other VMs and the Colombian group called Cinat. This is among some of the many amazing and bright young children we have been fortunate to help and improve the lives of since the earthquake. Not only are we helping but also setting a good example and inspiring the villages to come out of apathy and start working as a group to improve their conditions.

Here are the team members setting a good example and inspiring the villagers to come out of apathy, and thanking the sponsors of their trip, the IAS.

What goes unsaid is that they are delivering Scientology books to Nepal. Below is a Volunteer in Nepal sleeping next to boxes with familiar markings.

They appear to be identical to boxes containing “The Basics,” a set of 18 books by L. Ron Hubbard that were purchased by Scientologists in large numbers at the demand of their Bookstore Officers. Below are boxes of The Basics in a garage in Clearwater, Florida. If they are not the same books, they are certainly the same boxes.

Shannon Barnes is still in Nepal with Los Topos, providing rescue, medical assistance and transportation for people in villages that need more advanced treatment.

Almost delivered a baby in the Rasuwa mountains of Nepal. Fortunately there was enough time to get her to a clinic.

And finally, although they have long ago gone back to the Bali beaches, we have video of Mike Savas and Max McDonald delivering a generator to a small Nepalese village.

Update: This post has been updated to clarify the location of the photo of boxes of The Basics.

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