To The Stars And Beyond For All Of Us – Wins From Flag

Scientologists write up their “wins” after completing a particular level or course. Two of these are for completing Super Power. The last one is after completing the “L-11” level.

Having completed Super Power I feel so strong, so able, so myself and so happy! Every rundown has been truly spectacular. It is everything everyone has ever said about it and more!

Ron created such a masterpiece. Every rundown builds on the ones before. It is so genius how Ron figured out how to step by step bring out our inner power. Within the first few rundowns I could totally feel why this is the answer to planetary clearing.

I didn’t think I had much to handle on Ethics and Justice. Boy was I wrong! We blew away so many negative attention units. That is all gone. Personal Revival literally breathed life into me. I became exterior and elevated.

I can put what I want in the future. My beingness and my admin scale became so clear and strong. I’m not putting the old limits on what I can do. Stops no longer collapse my space in. Attention units that would get hung up in negatives no longer get hung up. Life is a game, I can reach for big goals.

I have such high havingness. I’ve experienced the top of the Chart of Attitudes, Tone Scale and all the Scales and I know that is where we are most powerful and that is how we can and will succeed.

My thinking straightened out. I’m smarter. I can compute, make conclusions and postulate. I see more beauty in life. More fun. I have so much more awareness and ARC for others. My perceptions are greatly heightened in 57 ways, which makes me confident to do more. Everything is easier. I’m really different. We will all be different, and this is how we will WIN!

Big hugs and thanks to my auditor, my C/S, Perception Drills staff, DofP’s, Board I/C’s, and the whole Super Power team. You guys are each and every one amazing! Huge heartfelt thank You’s to COB and all the SO for making it go right to put this here. It’s 100% standard tech delivery, we are so lucky to have you. My deepest gratitude to LRH for what he’s given to all of us. I want to use my power to back that up all the way.

To the stars and beyond, for all of us!

Super Power!

The name says it. This action, so far, has resulted in the most case gain I have ever made on the whole track. I have had so many wins that I don’t remember them all.

My perceptions are keener than ever. And I realized that any time I want to improve something, control it better, help it more or just make it go right, all I have to do is start by increasing my perception of it. Perception and “Reality” are joined at the hip. I can increase my R on anything by increasing my perception of it. Just look at it more, touch it, get it’s weight, temperature, depth, shape, etc. This applies, of course, to non-physical things too, such as a situation or condition. I know that if I get in and perceive it better, my ARC and KRC for it will raise and it will resolve or improve with little effort.

On this rundown, I handled many many many … things from the past that my attention had been stuck on. This includes past ethics and justice-related things that had bothered me. Gone!

I am more “A to B”, and also completely calm. A lot of former charge, pictures, machines, etc. are gone from my space, so I feel clean and able to handle anything — ANY THING. It’s a good feeling and it’s stable.

On this rundown, I learned that my knowingness is pretty darn good. I can use it to increase perception ability.

Overall, I am calm, confident and competent at levels that exceed where I was when I started.

On Super Power, something else very special happened — something amazing; something incredible: I achieved the state of CLEAR. And with that, completed a journey begun before this lifetime.

Words aren’t sufficient here.

Wow weee!!! What an amazing rundown!! I’m still having wins from my sessions and as I look at stuff I can see nothing but truth!! I have shattered the the lies that have been holding me back for life times and life times!!! I know that I can and will move forward and nothing can trap me to the lies!! I blew implants and evil purposes and they just blew with simple questions!! I feel like a new man!! Words can’t describe what this auditing does for a being!! I feel so expansive as a being and able to move about earth with ease knowing that I know what is true and can detect the lies!! Thank you so much to my auditor and CS!!! Also to the awesome tech team and the rest of the staff!! All of you area amazing! Thank you so much to RTC and COB for Keeping Scientology Working as this is vital!! Most of all I want to Thank LRH for being so brilliant and creating this very powerful tech to free us!!


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